About Us

Larbis, based in Lagos, has achieved an excellent reputation as a reliable, trustworthy supplier of goods. With this impeccable reputation it was able to expand into the hospitality industry through installation and servicing of superior quality door locks, CCTV sales & installations and we’re passionate about security. We understand that customers need to rely on us completely to safeguard their businesses. Our company mission is to deliver high quality product at a competitive price whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and needs are achieved. That’s why every security contract we undertake is personally overseen by one of our Directors to ensure we consistently deliver the very highest professional standards.

We employ local and fully trained security specialists who have attained the most demanding standards and accreditations and offer a unique range of security services.

Our unrivalled expertise has enabled us to successfully protect the assets of countless private and public sector organisations.

In addition, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and we continually monitor our performance to ensure that we deliver an exceptional service